In order to promote the stability of product quality and provide

the better customer service, after-sales service content as follows

  • The warranty of our products are 3 years.If the led causes leakage, the led broken when shipped, problems caused by raw materials of led products, free replacement .

  • If we find defects of customers’ products or production such as: poor heat, poor production management or light failure, dead lights caused by non – standard production, we are willing to provide professional solutions, mutual exchanges and common improvement.

  • We guarantee the fades of our LED: at 3000 hours less than 4%; 6000 hours less than 8%; product life to remain at 3 years or 20,000 hours or more, whichever comes first.

  • We can provide customers with professional welding PCB and LED services, and introduce high-quality light accessories suppliers to customers. Our product installation and normal working conditions: constant current drive, the temperature of bottom under led copper base should be below 60 ℃ ,temperature of led luminous surface should be under 130 ℃.

  • Any troubles about led products, we will actively help customers analyze the problems, provide guidance, design technical support and so on.

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